Beta 2-stroke Power Valve Spring Kit


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-Tuning Kit enables changes to power valve opening speed by changing inner spring stiffness
-3 power valve springs; red (soft), yellow (medium), & green (stiff) have different stiffnesses
-A stiffer spring with maximum preload slows opening speed and gives linear delivery; a softer spring with the least preload speeds it up and gives more hit
-Different springs enable a more linear or aggressive power valve opening speed

Fits all 2013-on 125/200/250/300 RR 2-strokes & XTrainers. Our resident tester prefers the yellow in his XT; "Gives it 4-stroke-like power, making the midrange more useable." Install instructions can be found here: https://betausa.com/accessory-instructions/

Beta 2-stroke Power Valve Spring Kit
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