BestRest CyclePump Expedition (straight chuck)


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We've upgraded the "old" CyclePump Adventure by giving it new rubber armor end caps, improved air filtering, and even better resistance to the hazards on the trail!

Why buy a CyclePump? What about cheaper alternatives?
The question has been asked, “Is the CyclePump worth it? Why should I spend $100 when I can buy a cheaper pump somewhere else?" If you really want the answers, read on…
The CyclePump has a LIFETIME Warranty!!!

Our parents taught us "You get what you pay for." "Buy cheap, buy twice (or even three times)." "Spend your money wisely (and buy the best the first time) and you'll save money in the long run." These basic truths haven't changed and they certainly ring true when it comes to selecting a motorcycle tire inflator.

Shawn Thomas of RawHyde Adventures used his CyclePump while leading a tour through the Andes Mountains in Argentina. They were shadowing the riders of the Dakar Rally. At 16,500 feet the group's chase truck got a flat tire and the spare wasn't available. Shawn made repairs using our Universal Tire Repair Kit, then he used his personal CyclePump to fill the truck tire. The group was back on the road in minutes. (Try doing that with a cheap imported inflator - heck, try breathing at 16,500 ft !!!)

We make the CyclePump right here in the USA, at our shop 15 miles north of Seattle, WA. Every component we use is carefully selected for ease of use, quality of manufacture, and durability. We want them to last for years so we design them to work every time, and we don't take any shortcuts when it comes to manufacturing. Every one of them is carefully fabricated by hand and tested before it leaves the bench. We take pride in these little inflators and we know that each unit has the potential privilege of being carried to the remote corners of the globe. We don't take that responsibility lightly.

We provide 4 powering methods for the CyclePump:
1. BMW plug that converts to a
2. Cigarette lighter plug
3. 2-prong SAE connector 
4. Small alligator clips that attach to any 12V battery.

We provide a top quality locking 90° brass air chuck, not a cheap plastic flip lever air chuck.

Our rugged aluminum case does three things - it protects the internals against damage, it protects your hands from the working parts and pieces, and it acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat. The case is strong enough to drop on rocks, stand on, drive over, or otherwise stand up to reasonable amounts of roadside abuse, and the CyclePump still keeps working. Not so with a cheap blue plastic inflator or a homemade Tupperware sandwich box model. Drop them on a hard surface and chances are you'll be walking home.

We can rebuild, repair, and service the CyclePump. We seldom have any reports of failures, but when we do we can repair it or we can replace the defective part. Usually the problem is traced to the ingestion of dirt or sand. Read our instruction sheet - keep it out of the dirt and it'll keep on pumping for many years.

We make thousands of CyclePumps every year and by now we've made almost 30,000 units. As a result, we've gotten pretty good at it. We continue to improve the design, adding a feature here, strengthening a component there, and always aiming for improvements in durability, longevity, and reliability. We listen to customer input and we resolve issues whenever possible. We're committed to quality and reliability; we’re not interested in using plastic components or cutting corners just so we can offer lower prices. Does the CyclePump cost more than other inflators? Yes, of course it does, and for a good reason. It's made to a higher standard, and quality doesn't come cheap.

"The best in class warranty coupled with an impressive build quality and performance justifies the cost and makes the CyclePump our top choice."

BestRest CyclePump Expedition (straight chuck)
Produced by BestRest of USA