ARC Beta Memlon Composite Folding Clutch Lever

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All ARC Clutch Levers famously fold forward when you go down (and every off roader does!) so they don't bend or break in a fall.

Available in Unbreakable Memlon™ (45% lighter than aluminum, ridden by many of the top MX, EX, Enduro and Quad Champions), comes in Black Smooth or Coarse finish Memlon.) Aircraft and race cars have used composite materials for years and now ARC has incorporated this technology inito our levers. The ARC composite levers have the same functioning features as our aluminum levers. The difference is that you will never break one of these. They are strong enough to do the job yet can be bent and straightened over 20 times without any diminished strength or appearance. Also available with a textured finger area ideal for all weather conditions (choose above).

If you do somehow bend or break a lever, we've got a 100% guarantee, just ship the lever to ARC with $15 for a new one to come flying back to you in the mail...

Fits all RR/RS/full-size RR-S and XTrainer.

ARC Beta Memlon Composite Folding Clutch Lever
Produced by ARC of USA