Antigravity Restart ATZ7-RS Battery


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The NEW Antigravity Restart is a hi-power lightweight Lithium battery, built with our groundbreaking RE-START Technology (built-in jump-starting) so you won’t ever get stranded with a dead battery again!

Never again worry about getting stranded with a dead battery! Antigravity Batteries introduces the groundbreaking “RE-START (RS)” line of batteries – the first batteries with built-in jump starting! The revolutionary RE-START Battery intelligently monitors its status, and just before going completely dead puts itself to sleep with just enough energy to get your vehicle started again. Simply press the RE-START button located on the battery, start your vehicle and drive away… No more dead battery emergencies or being stranded!

-YTZ7S case size: 4.53 x 2.75 x 3.35 inches (LxWxH)
-150 Cranking Amps
-7 Amp Hours (PbEq)/ 3.3Ah (Actual)
-1.3 lbs
-Safest Battery Technology using full BMS and Lifepo4 Lithium chemistry

Antigravity Batteries LLC warrants to the original purchaser that our batteries are free of defects in material and workmanship for the Prorated term of 3 years. All batteries must be registered within the first 30 days from the original purchase date or original
purchaser must provide a copy of the original receipt in order to be eligible for a warranty claim. See https://shop.antigravitybatteries.com/warranty/ for full terms.

Antigravity Restart ATZ7-RS Battery
Produced by Antigravity of USA