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Acerbis Beta RR|RS|RR-S X-Brake Disc Cover


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The most advanced and innovative disc cover currently available on the market, made exclusively by Acerbis. Its unique mounting system utilizes a central aluminum mounting system the replaces the bikes left wheel spacer and allows all maintenance jobs such as tire changing or brake pad replacement to be done without having to remove the disc cover.

The X-Brake provides unparalleled protection, strength, and good looks. Designed to keep sticks, rocks, and other debris from damaging or becoming tangled in the front rotor. Features ample venting to keep the brake cool in all conditions. Extended coverage also provides protection to the brake caliper.

Fits 2013-on RR, RS, and RR-S models with stock hubs.

Acerbis Beta RR|RS|RR-S X-Brake Disc Cover
Produced by Acerbis of Italy