Wurth HHS-K High Pressure Grease


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-High-pressure resistant
-Extraordinarily tear-resistant lubricating -film with outstanding noise and vibration -damping properties
-High creep capacity
-Excellent lubricating properties with close tolerances. Reliably protects against corrosion
-Active adhesive effective
-No throwing off of the lubricant with turning and rotating parts
-Good material compatibility
-Compatible with rubber and plastics. Behaves neutrally toward painted surfaces
-Splash and saltwater-resistant, withstands weak acids and alkaline solutions
-Contains no silicone, resin or acid

Pressure resistance under high pressure loads, despite high pressure loads and the shear-movement of the base body, the lubricating film of the HHS-K remains active and does not tear off. Reliably separates the opposing body from the base body, ensuring optimum wear protection under high pressure loads.

Wurth HHS-K High Pressure Grease
Produced by Wurth of Germany