WestCo 12VZ7S Classic AGM Battery


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Setting the standard for over 15 years, WestCo's Classic AGM batteries deliver value and reliability to modern powersports enthusiasts.
-Competitively priced
-Spill proof and leak resistant design
-Vibration resistant
-Covers most popular models
-Standard shipping applies, not hazardous
-Low self discharge
-Made in USA

12 month free replacement warranty

Equivalent to YTZ7S

7 amp-hour
130 cold cranking amps
4 7/16" x 2 3/4" x 4 3/16"

All Beta enduro machines up to mid-2016 came with a "5" series battery, since then the 2-stroke models come with a "4" series and 4-stroke machines come with a "7" series battery.

WestCo 12VZ7S Classic AGM Battery
Produced by WestCo of USA