TM Designworks Beta Factory Edition Chain Guide

TM Designworks

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-Manufactured & Engineered with direct race feedback from Beta factory World Enduro & Off Road team in 2013.
-Super trick lighweight but super strong body with replaceable wear pad.
-Powerlip top and bottom finish has the lowest chain drag and plate wear on the market.
-Exclusive TMD Return Memory Impact plastic formula ensures that you get to the finish line in the toughest conditions.
-Longer overall length protect rear sprocket better than stock.
-Stock swingarm cast mounts are surrounded in plastic to protect and reinforce.
-One year warranty on chain guide body in USA.
-Available in black and red colors with UV resistance to prevent color fade and cracks.
-Tested and used by Beta World Enduro race team exclusively.

Fits all Beta Enduro Models.

TM Designworks Beta Factory Edition Chain Guide
Produced by TM Designworks of USA