Sidi Tech MX Socks


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Anatomical foot construction with gradual compression along bridge of foot.
Increased elasticity central band around the top of the foot for a super-close fit.

-Nostatex “Wellbeing” Pure Silver fabric
-Antistress action
-Heat regulator
-Radiating Power
-Long lasting

-65% Cotton, 21% Poliamide, 9% Elastan, 5% Nostatex
-Elasticized yarn
-Smooth-knit elastic cuff at the top for greater control and longer life.
-Strong compression along the shin.
-Gradual compression around the ankle.

Please choose Small 38-42 (US 5.5-8.5) or Large 43-48 (US 9-13) above.

Sidi Tech MX Socks
Produced by Sidi of Italy