Sedona MX-208SR 120/90-18 Tire


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Steel-Belted Carcass
-Dominate the toughest terrain with the energy dispersing “Dead Blow Hammer” anti-rebound properties of the ALL-NEW steel belted Sedona MX-208SR tires
-Steel belting provides a unique tread area stability to handle the most extreme square edge, hard impacting hazards you’ll face on the trail or track
-Front and rear Sedona MX-208RSR tires feature circumferential steel belting that provides center tread and side lug support and increased durability

Radial Construction
-The Radial Construction of the Sedona MX-208SR provides a larger and more controlled footprint for predictable performance
-Radial tire construction in the Sedona MX-208SR delivers a planted/moldable tread area with flexible yet durable sidewalls giving you unmatched off-road performance
-Radial tire construction coupled with the light-weight steel belting technology in the MX-208SR gives you the ability to run lower tire air pressure with increased stability and utilize the “Dead Blow Hammer”
effect on sharp/hard square edge impacts

Dual Rubber Compound
-A true Dual Compound off-road tire
-Offering special hi-tech rubber formulations with different durometer compounds for specific results
-Center knobs use a rubber compound designed to achieve excellent anti-wear characteristics while the side lugs use a rubber compound formulated for ultimate cornering bite and control

Front MX-208SR:
Elliptical Tread Pattern
-Optimized tread design for total tire footprint increasing the overall contact patch in every situation
-Continuous contact area from center line to outer edge of tread area
-Center and side lug location is optimal for aggressive corning and high-speed, straight line stability

Rear MX-208SR:
Drive-Link Tread Pattern
-Tread pattern utilizes a TALL (21 mm) center lug area along with crosscut and linked transition to side lugs
-TALL center lugs are “pocket” siped to provide flex and a sturdy drive bite in straight line acceleration and braking
-Aggressive and staggered side lugs are linked at the tread base providing superior cornering control

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Sedona MX-208SR 120/90-18 Tire
Produced by Sedona Tire