Renthal Gen2 Intellilever Brake Lever


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The Gen2 Intellilever® front brake lever is a direct replacement for your stock front brake lever and is designed to be used with the OEM master cylinder.

The revolutionary design of the Gen2 Intellilever allows the lever to dislocate during a crash, then easily pop back into place. The design of the lever allows it to dislocate in a full 270 degrees of motion in any direction, not just up and down or forward like most other unbreakable levers on the market.

Improvements to rider ergonomics, finish, fit, feel and function are all part of the new Gen2 Intellilever.

Intelligent Design
The structure of the Intellilever has cleverly been designed to the minutest of details. Housed with in the lever body is the technology to prevent a crashed lever from ending your race.

Following the Gen1, the Gen 2 Intellilever was designed with ergonomically accurate features. Ensuring the lever fits and feels your hands comfortably.

Forward Flex
Preventing damage from impacts from the side, the lever articulates forward. Traditional levers would bend forward in this instance and be unusable.

Vertical Flex
One of the key features to the Intellilever is its ability to articulate vertically both up and down. The Intelliever's ability to rebound from impacts that can send the lever up or down make it the most versatile lever.

Quality Materials
Renthal prides itself on providing riders with the best quality parts. Step 1 to ensuring a quality part is materials. Constructed of the best Aluminium available ensures a lever that is durable, reliable and lightweight.

Quality Manufacturing
Renthal CNC machine all the parts in their own UK based factory. Ensuring a quality procedure that other manufactures just can't match.

Quality Testing
Testing is a huge part of the Renthal philosophy, especially with parts intended for race use. Levers under go an intense testing process that involves drop testing, fatigue testing and real life ride testing.

Reach Adjustment
Understanding that each individual is unique Renthal has included reach adjusters into the designs of each of the Intellilever.

Renthal® Intellilever® : Race Control

Fits all RR/RS/RR-S and XTrainer.

Renthal Gen2 Intellilever Brake Lever
Produced by Renthal of UK