Proxxon 8-piece Flat Wrench Set


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Slim-Line wrenches feature a narrow, sleek profile to loosen hard to reach nuts. Each open-end wrench offers a pair of sizes: 6mm x 7mm, 8mm x 9mm, 10mm x 11mm, 12mm x 13mm, 14mm x 15mm, 16mm x 17mm, 18mm x 19mm and 20mm x 22mm.

Each spanner is double nickel plated for strength, and then chrome plated to fight rust. All eight wrenches clip into the sturdy plastic holder. Clearly marked sizes make finding the right wrench easy. Each hardened steel wrench exceeds DIN/ISO requirements.

-Narrow profile design
-Includes: 6x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19 and 20x22 mm
-Drop forged CRV steel, carefully hardened and plated
-Torque values exceed DIN/ISO requirements
-Double nickel and single chrome plating protect against rust

Proxxon 8-piece Flat Wrench Set
Produced by Proxxon of Germany