ProX Beta 300RR (13-17) Piston Kit

ProX Racing Parts

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ProX pistons are forged (video of different kit although the components are the same) and precision machined on the latest, state of the art CNC equipment. The same low-expansion, low-friction piston alloy is used as is used for all major Japanese engine manufacturers. ProX Piston Kits are a first class solution to replace the original piston in your Beta!

ProX pistons for Nicasil/plated cylinders
The latest cylinders are plated by a Nicasil plating. Therefore we offer a wide range of ProX pistons in A, B, C sizes.

Please check which size kit you need by removing the power valve cover on the left side of the cylinder, you'll find the size designation on the cylinder inside that chamber.

Note: This piston is forged and does weigh a little more than the stocker, therefore it will cause a bit more vibration. Also, ProX does not list anything for the XTrainer but Beta uses the same piston kit in both machines so this kit should work for it as well.

ProX Beta 300RR (13-17) Piston Kit
Produced by ProX of the Netherlands