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ProX Beta 300|250 Connecting Rod Kit

ProX Racing Parts

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One of our core product line, which we became famous with. Our ProX Connecting Rod Kits are made out of the toughest alloys available today and are made in Japan! O.E.M. specifications and tolerances are meticulously maintained, a guarantee for easy installation and trouble free performance.
Double forged on dedicated forgings
This process maintains superior strength, durability and dimensional consistency through improved grain flow.

Shot peening & barrelling
The design of a connecting rod is very important to guarantee the lifespan and the performance. Our connecting rods are barrelled and shot peened to improve the surface texture. Shot peening eliminates residual stress and smoothly blends the forging surfaces.

Oiling system
Our ProX oiling slots are precisely located to maximize lower rod oiling and extend bearing life. Even under the most extreme conditions the rod will do its job. ProX Connecting Rod Kits come complete with Crankpin, Big-End Bearing, Small End Bearing and Washers.

Our chromed crank pins are specially designed for the application. Every ProX crank pin is machined precisely and treated to get the best hardness and properties to stand the extreme conditions where it is used for.

High output engines require high end parts. For these specific engines, like motocross and ATV engines we offer flat silver big end cages. These bearings are able to cope with the high rpm’s of these applications. For all other applications we offer high quality M-style cages.

All pistons pin bearings are designed and developed to OEM specifications and are a direct and cost efficient OEM replacement.

Our O.E. style washers increases oil retention and reduces friction between rod, washer and crank web. We offer washers in different material exactly as OEM is offering in copper and silver. Washers are an important part. Always replace the washer when you re-press your crank. ProX connecting rods kits contain washers where applicable.

Fits 2013-2021 250RR, 300RR, and XTrainer.

ProX Beta 300|250 Connecting Rod Kit
Produced by ProX of the Netherlands