P3 Beta RR|RS Chassis Plug Set

P3 Carbon

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Plug those hollow rear axles, swingarm bolts and shift levers to keep them from filling with mud! The new P3D™ Series Chassis Plugs are printed from nylon for excellent flexibility, light weight and smooth looks. Inner core is hex for improved strength. Gives a great futuristic look to your bike!

Kit includes 2 x Axle Plugs, 2 x Swingarm Plugs and 1 x Shifter Plug

NOTE:Factory frame guards will NOT fit over the Swingarm pivot plugs. Use a dab of clear silicone to hold plugs in place. Fits RR, RS, and full-size RR-S.

P3 Beta RR|RS Chassis Plug Set
Produced by P3 Composites of USA