Mylers Beta 300RR|250RR (13-19) SuperCool Radiator

Mylers Radiators

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Considerably improved from stock radiators:
-SuperCool radiators offer superior cooling and efficiency to sustain top performance.
-Thicker core to maximize water cooling while providing increased strength.
-SuperCool Radiators are tig welded and made with quality aluminum to be far stronger than stock units.
-All cap side radiators feature a billet neck and radiator cap.
-Comes with Rubber Grommets, Washers, and Nut Clips.
-Uses all stock mounting brackets.
-Has a "Fused Core".
-Comes with a One Year warranty against Manufacturing defects.
-Not the same as E-bay radiators.
-Welded and fitted by Myler's Radiators.

For the ultimate in protection for your new SuperCool radiators, please see the Bulletproof Designs Mylers Beta Radiator Guards.

Fits 2013-2019 300RR, 250RR, choose left or right below.

Install notes: Requires rotating voltage regulator, shortening the hose from the waterpump, and may require shimming large capacity tank up as well as trimming pipe guards. Special order item.

Mylers Beta 300RR|250RR (13-19) SuperCool Radiator
Produced by Mylers of USA