Metzeler MC360 Mid-Soft 90/90-21


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MC 360™ MID SOFT is the optimal choice for soft terrains.

Main features:
Street legal range to ride both on dirt and on road
High level of traction, dynamic performance on most terrain, remarkable resistance to cuts and tearing
New compounds 100% carbon black improving tearing resistance and providing excellent performance and stability
Alternated cut knobs for progressive cornering action
Parabola-shaped center knobs maximizing carving and traction on soft and mid-soft terrain
Optimal directional and steering feeling

Reversible tread pattern - Tire can be reversed at any time, also if use has affected operating angles of knobs - Increases usage range of tyre, ensuring performance consistency throughout entire lifecycle.
Alternated side diamond-shaped knobs - Optimises the land/sea ratio ensuring maximum performance - Tread design self cleans tyre from debris
Tested for dimensions and durability - Street legal - METZELER MC360™ goes anywhere you go

METZELER MC360™ MID SOFT and MID HARD provide a high-level of dynamic performance on several terrains, by maximising cornering grip and traction, providing remarkable durability and resistance against cuts and tearing.
All MC360™ fitments have been tested to be easy-to-use. They allow riders to express their maximum potential and have fun. They improve rider’s confidence to in order to test their capabilities and skills.
THE METZELER MC360™ range is fully street-legal. All tyres have reversible tread pattern to prolong tyre life, and allow maximum use.
Available in motocross and enduro sizes , mixed fitments can be used to suit your requirements.

In order to ensure maximum performance, across all disciplines, the structure of METZELER MC360™ is a high module, low shrinkage tri-ply made of strong and impact-resistant polyethylene.
The tyre ensures a good balance between softness and toughness. Softness helps absorbing bumps when riding over obstacles like rocks, roots, rises, while robustness is required in order to endure fatigue and deformations during dampening.
PET structure gives the best performance and price balance.

The polymers and ingredients used to develop METZELER MC360™ achieve 2 main targets:
-specific values of knob’s stiffness, adapted to the front and rear tread patterns for both the specifications, and activating condition for high-level dynamic performance;
-the maximum resistance to heating and dynamic stress, in order to ensure a constant performance throughout the lifecycle of the tyre.
Durability, tearing, cuts and puncture resistance, capitalising on METZELER’s racing enduro expertise.

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Metzeler MC360 Mid-Soft 90/90-21
Produced by Metzeler of Germany