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Fastway Beta RR|RR-S (20-) System 5 Steering Stabilizer Kit

Pro Moto Billet/Fastway

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This kit comes with everything you need to mount a full over-bar stabilizer set on your bike.

The Fastway Steering Stabilizer is probably the single greatest improvement to handling that you can make to your ATV, Motocross, Off-road, or Adventure motorcycle. Proven to reduce rider fatigue, headshake and high speed shimmy, the Fastway System 3 and System 5 will help stabilize the front end of your ATV, Motocross, Off-road, or Adventure motorcycle and let the entire suspension do its job while the rider experiences increased control, quicker lap times, and better handling.

Forget all those “claims” you see on other websites. It’s not about “hammers” being the oldest on the block, or only having one knob. It’s all about adjustability on the fly, tune-ability, control, reduced rider fatigue and looks.
Don’t forget about looks. Of course, it wouldn’t look this good, if it didn’t work this good. The only way we could guarantee stabilizer perfection was to meticulously build and assemble each unit here in our stabilizer lab.

We didn’t stop there. We also built a computerized stabilizer dyno that can run 7 tests on each unit- and graph the results- just so we know each one is in spec. Who else has a computerized stabilizer dyno? Only Fastway.

The System 5 offers FIVE independently adjustable circuits. Yep, that’s more than anyone else- in case you’re counting.
Where do we start? How about with the red knob- Low Speed adjustment at your fingertips. Then there’s the dark grey High Speed knob- also adjustable, on clicks, right at your fingertips. No more wishing you had a separate High Speed Circuit, or stopping to pull a cap off and get your tools out just to set your High Speed. Just click and relax.
The System 5 also offers fully adjustable Return to Center damping, Cornering Angle selection, and Adjustable Cornering Angle damping.

The red knob controls the resistance level when turning the handlebars at low speed, such as when turning or making corrections when going straight. The low-speed damping reduces the effort required from the rider to hold its line when turning, cornering and when going straight. Also reduces high speed head-shake.

The dark grey 3 point knob (under the red knob) controls the protection level for high-speed impacts such as roots and rocks. The high-speed damping circuit reduces the force of impacts through the bars at high speeds to help reduce rider fatigue and keep the vehicle going in a straight line.

This adjustment controls the protection/resistance level when the handlebars return to the center position (from both sides). When set towards free returning, this adjustment allows the vehicle to steer back to center or exit corners quicker. When set towards full damping, this adjustment helps the vehicle to hold its line while in a turn or cornering.

This adjustment controls the transition between the “cornering" stage and when going straight. There are two independent adjustments, one for each side.

This adjustment controls the resistance level when the handlebars are turned into the “cornering” range as set by the SWEEP adjustment Basically, you set the Cornering or Sweep adjustment to establish the “range” of protection, left to right, that you want. When the damper “breaks to free” this Cornering Damping level adjusts “how much” it breaks away i.e. does it go from full damping/protection to zero, or anywhere in between where your Low and High speed knobs are set and zero.

Fits 2020-on RR/RR-S. Please write with questions. This kit comes with everything you need to mount a full stabilizer kit on your bike. Note: Handlebar clamps are for 1 1/8" bars (oversized bars/fat bars) and include spacers to fit 7/8" bars. Damper is actually black. Designed for stock triple clamp.

Fastway Beta RR|RR-S (20-) System 5 Steering Stabilizer Kit
Produced by Pro Moto Billet/Fastway of USA

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