Beta XTrainer BPS-K9 Fork Cartridge Kit


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Introducing the new XTrainer Cartridge Kit for the stock forks on all year XTrainers! This is the BPS-K9 Fork Kit from Italy that many of you have been asking about. The BPS-K9 Fork Kit was developed thanks to the cooperation between Beta and RI6V Suspension, who produces the standard fork. It adds a cartridge and compression damping adjuster (on the left fork leg).

The new cartridge kit, with its progressive system specifically developed by Beta, enables the XTrainer to tackle a much wider range of riding.

-Suitable for all riding types
-More stable at speed, increased control with the same comfort
-Improved front wheel grip and stability, with better absorption of big bumps
-Includes oil

No spring change necessary unless you've gone above your recommended rate to compensate previously.

"After 500 plus miles of testing, high speed control and big bump absorption are much improved yet they're still just as good in the rocks!" Scott - Sierra BMW & Beta Service Manager

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Beta XTrainer BPS-K9 Fork Cartridge Kit
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