Barkbusters VPS Handguards For Tapered Handlebars


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Versatile full-wrap handguards that blend tough obstacle protection with moderate weather coverage.

Specifically designed for bikes with tapered handlebars and long brake/clutch levers, including most street and adventure-touring bikes.

-Hardened aluminum, full-wrap backbones with two-point mounting hardware
-Appropriate for both street, adventure and trail riding

Barkbusters handguards were first manufactured in 1984 and now have over 28 years of motorcycle industry experience and riding enthusiasm. That history means - Barkbusters has what it takes to produce the finest handguards available on the market today. Barkbusters integrates a hardened aluminum backbone with a stylish, replaceable plastic guard to create a truly functional handguard. No more busted levers or knuckles! In the unlikely event that you break a part of the handguard, every piece is replaceable.

Beta 4-stroke Clutch Line recommended for easier fitment on machines with straight brake line.

Barkbusters VPS Handguards For Tapered Handlebars
Produced by RideWorx/Barkbusters of Australia