Acerbis Tri Fit Handguard Kit


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The new Tri-Fit handguard is a perfect fit for almost any application! Made of Nylon, this innovative, multi-functional handguard kit allows 3 different configurations:

1. Closed Wrap: Full wrap-around
2. MX Open: Flag-style MX roost guard
3. ATV: mounts to the end of the handlebar, leaving room for larger controls
The wide variety of mounting options make the Tri-Fit a perfect handguard for the versatile racer, allowing for quick and easy handguard customization depending on the conditions. Also a great choice for ATVs and adventure-touring bikes that have large controls that hinder the mounting of traditional handguards.

Note: Inserts for steel handlebars sold separately, "flag-style" mounting conflicts with original left handlebar switch. Clutch line from 4-stroke models recommended for easy fitment on 2-stroke machines in "two-point" mount configuration.

Acerbis Tri Fit Handguard Kit
Produced by Acerbis of Italy