Accu-Gage EZ Air Tire Gauge


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We've found the perfect companion to the BestRest CyclePump & BestRest CyclePump Adventure Model. This high quality tire gauge clips to the tire valve stem and displays accurate pressure readings. If the tire's low, attach a CyclePump to the brass fitting top of the gauge and inflate the tire through the gauge! The Sierra BMW/Accu-Gage EZ Air displays real-time pressure readings as the CyclePump does the work. No more guessing, no more trial and error. If you accidentally over-inflate, press the button on top of the gauge and bleed off excess air. The 1.5" dial is rubber armored. The whole unit fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 8 ounces.

-Use with air compressor for quick tire inflation
-Clip gauge on tire and read pressure
-No need to remove gauge while inflating
-Saves time and money inflating tires
-Accurate pressure in one smooth operation
-2" dial
-Push button valve bleeds air to desired pressure
-Continuous reading until chuck is released
-Includes protective rubber gauge guard
-Accurate to ± 2 psi from 25 to 75 psi and is calibrated to ± 1.5 psi at 50 psi
-Lifetime warranty

"Super easy to read gauge face..." -Motorcycle Consumer News, November 2005

Accu-Gage EZ Air Tire Gauge
Produced by GH Meiser/Accu-Gage of USA
Distributed in North America by Sierra BMW & Beta